jottinx 0.0.12

I just released 0.0.12.

Google Notebook Importing

Importing from Google Notebook now is decent.
  • upon importing the layout is converted to Markdown, and this is pretty close. Google Notebook had some weird ways to store the layout, so some things are not completely as it was. If you are having troubles with it, please contact me.
  • from the Atom XML it seems impossible for me to deduce the original order, so I order them on the last updated date. So if you have been moving stuff around, that order is lost. I will make sure you can reorder the items soon.

Next steps

  • Improve robustness and looks
  • allow exporting --if a users wants to leave her data/notes are not lost. But for now, I want the users to find it first :)
  • upon importing jump to the uploaded page
  • allow moving/reordering notes
  • still not quite sure if the tabs is the best solution. For now it is ok. Can get messy with a lot of books (as I have)
And I guess a lot more will come up later. If you have any suggestions, let me know.
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