jottinx 0.0.13

Release 0.0.13:
  • fixed a problem with line-endings when importing from Google Notebook
  • adding a new note now behaves as it should
  • added a link to this blog
  • various cosmetic improvements

Next up:

  • delete items to a trash-can, so you can always restore them later
  • allow exporting –if a users wants to leave her data/notes are not lost. But for now, I want the users to find it first :)
  • upon importing jump to the uploaded page
  • allow moving/reordering notes
  • some more cosmetic fixes:
    • remember me: label is not clickable
    • flashes should disappear or be closeable
    • the delete-note link should be styled/placed better
If you have more suggestions, problems, ideas: I would be happy to hear them.
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