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getting rcov working with rspec 2.0.0.rc
I had troubles to get rcov working with the latest rspec2 release (since beta23 and now 2.0.0.rc). I got the same error every time: [bash] `require': no such file to load -- spec_helper (LoadError) [/bash] But luckily, somebody found the problem and it is extremely easy to fix. Just add -Ispec to your rcov task. The rake spec:rcov does not work for me (as it needs to be fixed). So i added my own task (add this code to the end of Rakefile or add in a seperate file rcov.rake inside lib/tasks) : [ruby] desc "Run all specs with rcov""test_cov") do |t| t.rcov = true t.rcov_opts = %w{--rails --include views -Ispec --exclude gems\/,spec\/,features\/,seeds\/} end [/ruby] and then you can run the task by typing [bash] > rake test_cov [/bash] in your rails root folder.