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[windows] Configuring ruby/git to work behind a proxy

While I develop on OS X, and by preference deploy on Unix/Linux machines, for some of our clients we have to deploy on Windows servers. An IT-department will only allow machines/OSes they can manage themselves. While there are some drawbacks to this, most of them can be worked around perfectly.

One of this those "difficulties" is configuring a proxy. In general, on Windows configuring a proxy means: opening Internet Explorer/IE Edge, editing the connection details and adding/configuring the proxy (I find this completely baffling, did Microsoft not get some kind of anti-trust lawsuit because of the too tight coupling of Internet Explorer and Windows OS? anyways ... old news probably).


To make sure git (using ssh) uses the proxy correctly, you have to open your $HOME/.ssh/config file, and add at the top:

 ProxyCommand /bin/connect.exe -H %h %p

you can also add the proxy configuration for each Host separately, but in my most cases you will want to use a shared/general proxy (I guess). Replace the shown IP-address with your proxy obviously.


For ruby it is actually quite simple: you have to define the environment variable http_proxy (I define it as lower case, I think upper case should also work, but not entirely sure).

[add screenshot]


We also run some puppeteer scripts from ruby, and to configure the proxy there, so in a puppeteer script, when creating the browser we have to hand down the proxy details. E.g. something like:

const browser = await puppeteer.launch({
    args: [
const page = await browser.newPage();
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