more in depth information

DIXIS bvba is a one-man business, founded by Nathan Van der Auwera in 1997 and located in Antwerp, Belgium. DIXIS stands for Design and Implementation of compleX Information Systems.

During my professional career i have been involved in the design and implementation of complete/complex systems, mostly being part of a team. I use the word system, because there exist multiple layers and processes that need to interact, always strongly database-oriented. Communication could be synchronous (RPC) or asynchronous (messaging). Most of the times there was a large legacy system to fit in to.

Since 2009 I made the logical progression to webdevelopment, but always in a wider scope, interfacing to different applications and/or processes.


  • analyst-developer with more than 20 years of experience
  • main expertise: started with C++, moved to C# /.NET(via a very short java-stop), now Ruby on Rails
  • Ruby on Rails devotee
  • strong analytical skills: translating the user wishes/requirements to code and database
  • strong architectural focus (code should be beautiful)
  • strong focus towards creating user-friendly/intuitive user-interfaces (more UX than UI)


DIXIS bvba is een eenmanszaak, opgericht in 1997 door Nathan Van der Auwera en gelegen in Antwerpen, Belgie. DIXIS staat voor Design & Implementation of compleX Information Systems.

Ik ben steeds betrokken geweest bij het ontwerpen en implementeren van complete systemen, meestal in teamverband. Met systeem wil zeggen dat er verschillende lagen en processen met mekaar communiceren (messaging, RPC, ...) , multi-tier, sterk database ge-orienteerd; meestal in communicatie met een niet te onderschatten of te vervangen legacy-systeem.

Tegenwoordig, sinds 2009, hou ik vooral bezig met web-ontwikkeling, maar ook hier steeds in een ruimer kader, met interfaces naar andere processen.