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ORA-01031 error when creating database

At my new job I am back to administering Oracle. The last time I had to do any dba-job, they were still using Oracle 7 :) At my current job, the IT-department can be summed up in one word: me! So, now i have to do everything again. So today, i was trying to get a database installed on a laptop left behind, with no passwords. I was able to solve that, luckily. I had a script to create the database in Oracle 8, had to port it to 9. The biggest change there was: instead of svrmgrl you have to use sqlplus. So i could run the script, but kept getting ORA-01031 error (insufficient privileges). At first: didn't use a sys-account, then lost password of sys-account (set it again using Enterprise Manager), logon using sys-account, but my network user had no ora_dba rights. Logon with a local user with adminstrator rights, put him in the right group, and then it still didn't work ... And at those times, I am so happy there exists this something called internet. I found my solution here. I would never have thought of that. Go figure: a whole day spent trying to create a database. MS SQL Server or MySQL seem so much easier. Industry leader or not, you would suppose they could make equally simple. Or maybe i just haven't found it yet. Don't mention import and export. That is also a pain. But once it is runnning ... :)

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