Introducing Jottinx

Until recently I was an avid Google Notebook user. I liked the simplicity. I just used it to collect ideas, links, scraps, jottings, but also important stuff I should not forget. I never really used the formatting, and neither the tags. Plain and simple. When I heard it would be discontinued, I looked around for a plain and simple alternative, and decided to build my own. Jottinx is the result of this. Jottinx in short:
  • dead-easy
  • note-taking and nothing more
  • uses markdown for formatting
  • imports your data from Google Notebook
  • is and will always be free
  • you remain the owner of your data, so you can always export your data back out again
For the moment it still very much is a work in progress, but I hope you will give it a try.
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