Hiring a new developer

At the company where i am working now, i need to hire new developers/programmers. Remember, the IT-department of this company is constituted entirely by me alone. Problem is: how to recognize a good developer? Luckily there are some very useful articles available on the net: It has been a long while for me to interview people. I don't want it centered around a specific technology, i just want to be able to grasp, somehow, whether or not they are good developers. Good developers, which i consider myself to be, will get their head round a new programming language in no time. I feel these interviewing hints (mentioned above) will help me finding the right collegue. On top of that, the environment I am working in is still a bit volatile, we could still choose for any valid technology at the moment (java/j2ee, C#.NET, RoR). I guess it will depend on my new collegues experience (and mine). I am favouring either .NET (because i know it well, because it is very developer friendly) or RoR (new, but very promising). If i get a very good java collegue, i am willing to go down that road too.
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