skipping slow tests in rspec2

For Test::Unit there is a module called skippy, that allows you to skip for instance slow tests. I was looking for a way to achieve the same in Rspec. I am currently developing against Rails 3.0.0.rc, and using rspec 2.0.0.beta.19 and could not find anything. So i asked on the rspec mailing list and got a great answer! It is actually present in rspec2, right out of the box, as a feature they needed for their own tests. Read the description by David himself here. He shows a lot of very good examples, even filtering tests based on ruby-version is now possible. Awesome. In short, you would do something like : [ruby] describe "something", :slow => true do it "should be blabla" end describe "something else" do it "should be a slow test", :slow => true do ... end it "should be a fast test" do .. end end [/ruby] then you can write the following to skip the slow tests : [ruby] # in spec/spec_helper.rb RSpec.configure do |c| c.filter_run_excluding :slow => true end [/ruby] and to run only the slow tests: [ruby] # in spec/spec_helper.rb RSpec.configure do |c| c.filter_run :slow => true end [/ruby] and to filter on slow tests, and run all tests if no slow tests are available: [ruby] # in spec/spec_helper.rb RSpec.configure do |c| c.filter_run :slow => true c.run_all_when_everything_filtered = true end [/ruby] Awesome! :) For the moment there is no command-line support, but in the spec/spec_helper.rb you could also check for any environment variables to do the slow or fast test-set. What i personally needed, was something that would either run all tests, or run all tests excluding a few (i have a test-suite for an sms-gateway and do not want to send sms-es all the time). So i handled that like this: [ruby] # in spec/spec_helper.rb RSpec.configure do |config| if ENV['SEND_REAL_SMS'] != "true" config.filter_run_excluding :send_sms => true end end [/ruby]

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