Windows 7 and XP

I have been trying the Windows 7 beta, and i must admit it is pretty awesome. What is less awesome is the fact that now the RC is released, and i have to reinstall all my Windows 7 machines (three --i admit i was a bit too enthusiastic). And if i do that, once the final version is released, i have to re-install them again. For my standard day to day use not too bad, but not for my development machine. So i am back to Windows XP now. With a great new look: Zune XP Theme. Nice :) Working with a lot of open source products lately, so it would be nice to use an open source windows alternative. For the moment it would still be very hard for me to just not work on Windows. I still have to develop for .NET and MicroStation and AutoCAD, all only working on Windows platform. So I hope that ReactOS will become more mature soon. It is really improving fast lately, but still not completely ready to replace Windows. I will have a test-drive real soon. What are the other options? Run Linux and do my Windows work inside a VM? Buy a Mac and do the same? Any suggestions?
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