Clarification (about procrastination)

In my local newspaper I read an article about laziness. Being lazy at work, because your employer wants to make a profit out of you, anyway. And you should do the same, be the first. I might be the exception, i think i am not, but i actually like to work hard, to do the job as good as i can. Procrastinating has nothing to do with unwillingness to work. It is just sometimes, i feel blocked, creatively, which somehow pushes me toward procrastination. I am not lazy, i like to work, i take pride in what i do, i want to earn my living earnestly and honestly. In the article there were 10 rules to follow as an employee. How to be lazy succesfully. In short : lay low. Don't be noticed. One rule i would like to mention though :
Rule 9 : always be nice to contractors, on a fixed-time contract, because they are the only ones who really work.
Aaaaah, yes ! At last, recognition :)
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