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Short and clean ruby (or an exercise in group-think)

In some part of my code I ended writing the following: where self is some ActiveRecord model, and count_processed is an attribute of that model (and stored in the database). What am i trying to achieve (if it is not blatantly obvious): if count_processed is not initialised, make it zero increment count_processed Imho this code […]

rspec testing using macros

While this is short and DRY, a problem arises when one of the values in my look-up table does not behave as expected anymore. The complete test will fail, without having any clue which value caused it to fail. That is not good! But luckily, in rspec there exists the option to use macros. It […]

refactoring ruby code

Most of my ruby/rails development is against a legacy Oracle database. One of the things we needed to fix, was a user-table with not enough fields. Because the user table was shared with another application, we were not able to alter the table. So we added another table, user_params, containing possibly extra parameters for each […]