Looking for a Google Notebook replacement? Or just a plain and simple note-taking application?

Here you can find the latest news about Jottinx. I will keep you up to date on the latest releases and new upcoming stuff. Also I am very interested in hearing what you think, want or expect, so use the comments or contact me directly.

Note that you see a list of the planned work on my ticket-board. You can even vote and comment on features you like.

This release contains

  • paginate really large notebooks (unobtrusive, when reaching the end of the page, it will automatically fetch missing notes if available)
  • a user can new edit her own profile (email/password) and delete her account if she so desires
  • added more copy to the about/faq page

What was in the previous (undocumented) releases?

  • 0.0.24: entered links are clickable after saving (they were clickable in the preview only)
  • 0.0.23: redesigned landing page + fixed an error in the forgot password handling

This release contains:

  • tags are clickable and we also show a clickable tag-cloud
  • deleting of notebooks: after deleting now jumps to the first book
  • create a new book in a modal window
  • there were some problems with tags undefined popping up, I hope to have fixed that

If you have suggestions or encounter any problems, please let me know.

Released some small improvements:

  • somehow it was impossible to save tags: that is now fixed
  • links are now opened in a new tab/window

This new version contains a new layout setup. I see some room still for further improvement, but for now we get

  • better use of complete screen estate
  • faster loading of first page (as we start loading book after rendering the rest first)
  • books only get loaded when they are needed

Hope you like it.

What is next:

  • showing a clickable tag-cloud
  • making sure the sidebar and header is always visible

As always, I am happy to hear your suggestions and ideas.

Released 0.0.18 includes:

  • improved Markdown editor with immediate preview
  • some smaller improvements: you can now click on links immediately, flash-messages disappear, notes show the creation-date

Nextup I will most likely tackle the general layout. Replace the tabs by something smaller. Make more use of the screen in general.

Release 0.0.16 includes:

  • added search functionality
  • after import, jump to imported book

Note that you can always follow-up on the status and vote for changes on my ticket-board.

Yesterday I released 0.0.15, nothing much new, just further improved the import from Google Notebook, after I received some feedback.

I also started using Trello to keep track of “things to do”. Check it out here.

When you check the Trello-board, you will notice I plan to work on some search functionality next, and I want to do something about the layout. Too much space is lost now.

Release 0.0.14:

  • fixed a problem when a Google Notebook contained links. In the atom xml they look like this:
    <link rel="related" href="" title="Some title">

    These can now be imported correctly. Note that if you want to click links inside a note, it will immediately try to edit the note. Currently the work-around is to right-click on the link. I am thinking about a cleaner solution.

  • improved the explanation on the Import page a little

Also, if you would be worried, you can export your Google Notebook for at least a few months.

Release 0.0.13:

  • fixed a problem with line-endings when importing from Google Notebook
  • adding a new note now behaves as it should
  • added a link to this blog
  • various cosmetic improvements

Next up:

  • delete items to a trash-can, so you can always restore them later
  • allow exporting –if a users wants to leave her data/notes are not lost. But for now, I want the users to find it first :)
  • upon importing jump to the uploaded page
  • allow moving/reordering notes
  • some more cosmetic fixes:
    • remember me: label is not clickable
    • flashes should disappear or be closeable
    • the delete-note link should be styled/placed better

If you have more suggestions, problems, ideas: I would be happy to hear them.

I just released 0.0.12.

Google Notebook Importing

Importing from Google Notebook now is decent.

  • upon importing the layout is converted to Markdown, and this is pretty close. Google Notebook had some weird ways to store the layout, so some things are not completely as it was. If you are having troubles with it, please contact me.
  • from the Atom XML it seems impossible for me to deduce the original order, so I order them on the last updated date. So if you have been moving stuff around, that order is lost. I will make sure you can reorder the items soon.

Next steps

  • Improve robustness and looks
  • allow exporting –if a users wants to leave her data/notes are not lost. But for now, I want the users to find it first :)
  • upon importing jump to the uploaded page
  • allow moving/reordering notes
  • still not quite sure if the tabs is the best solution. For now it is ok. Can get messy with a lot of books (as I have)

And I guess a lot more will come up later. If you have any suggestions, let me know.