About DIXIS bvba

DIXIS bvba is a one-man business, founded by Nathan Van der Auwera in 1997 and located in Antwerp, Belgium.
DIXIS stands for Design and Implementation of compleX Information Systems.

During my professional career i have been involved in the design and implementation of complete/complex systems, mostly being part of a team.
I use the word system, because there exist multiple layers and processes that need to interact, always strongly database-oriented. Communication could be synchronous (RPC) or asynchronous (messaging). Most of the times there was a large legacy system to fit in to.

Lately i have made the logical progression to webdevelopment, but always in a wider scope, interfacing to different applications and/or processes.


  • analyst-developer with more than 20 years of experience
  • main expertise: mostly C++, moved to C# /.NET(via a very short java-stop), now Ruby on Rails
  • Ruby on Rails devotee
  • strong analytical skills: translating the user wishes/requirements to code and database
  • strong architectural focus (code should be beautiful)


My complete cv.
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