Both AutoCad and MicroStation can now be automated/extended using VBA. This is fabulous. In my current working environment, these programs are used extensively, and a lot of software has been written for it. But unfortunately as well, a lot of programmers have come and went again. So i was left with a program to change, which was locked using a password. A VBA password.

I am not quite sure why one would do such a thing, one valid reason would be that some user would accidently get into to the code, and change stuff? No idea. Stop reverse engineering? I could get into a whole discussion about protecting knowledge and sharing knowledge. Anyway, i needed to get in the code, and the person was either unreachable or not willing or forgot the password himself.

So i looked for ways to break a VBA password. Apparently there is a very simple way, which took my hours to find.

In the *.dvb file, look for the tag “DPB=”, and replace that with “DPx=” using a hex editor. Load the project, click through all error-messages, open the properties of the project, and set the password again to something you know and remember, and after that you can remove the password protection all together (if you want).

A more detailed description can be found here. This method seems to work for Excel, AutoCAD, let me know if it works for other VBA password protected documents or applications (e.g. Word/Access/… ??).