I found a few articles that describe easier ways to create a gem. From the entire list of available tools, i want to highlight two: jeweler and (Mr.) bones.

Mr. bones seems a very configurable route to take: it allows you to define your own skeletons (application templates) or use those of others, e.g. bort. On the other hand it also seems to do more than i need.

Jeweler seems to be very specific in what i does for you, allowing to create a gem very easy and manage your gem locally. Also it is very configurable, so you can immediately create rspec and cucumber folders, fill the wanted rake tasks. It is awesome, and makes starting really easy.

So i executed the following command:

D:\work-git\ruby>jeweler --rspec --cucumber --reek --roodi --create-repo word_automator
        create  .gitignore
        create  Rakefile
        create  LICENSE
        create  README.rdoc
        create  .document
        create  lib
        create  lib/word_automator.rb
        create  spec
        create  spec/spec_helper.rb
        create  spec/word_automator_spec.rb
        create  spec/spec.opts
        create  features
        create  features/word_automator.feature
        create  features/support
        create  features/support/env.rb
        create  features/step_definitions
        create  features/step_definitions/word_automator_steps.rb
Jeweler has prepared your gem in word_automator
Jeweler has pushed your repo to http://github.com/nathanvda/word_automator

which as you can tell created a folder, rspec and cucumber place-holders, prepared my gem and pushed my repository to github! Wow :)

Now fill the gem with code :)