Monthly Archives: April 2014

[rails] store your settings in a model

Most of the times I use a config.yml to store application settings, that I want to be able to change quickly between environments, servers, deployments. But what with settings that need to be changed on the fly, by a user? I create a small model, with three fields. rails g model Setting name:string description:string value:string […]

[postgis] fixing missing rt-postgis2.0

TL;DR If you are using brew to manage your postgresql/postgis install, and you suddenly cannot access any postgis functionality, with the error that cannot be found, check your json-c version, I had to do brew switch json-c 0.10 to get it working. The long and dirty story I had created a new database, but […]

[rails 4.1] when the rails command just hangs

For one of my projects I am using rails 4.1 (bleeding edge! yeah :) ) and suddenly noticed, that after opening my laptop in the morning my normal rails commands, like $> rails c $> rails g migration Bla name description some_more_fields just … were hanging and nothing happened??? Like they were waiting for further […]

[rails] using foundation 5 without installing bower

Starting with ZURB Foundation 5, they use Bower to distribute the assets, and in their “getting started” guide they propose to install bower. I have not yet installed bower myself, but there is a really easy alternative: use At the top of your Gemfile add a source line: source ‘’ source ‘’ ## <—- […]