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handling migrations in rails 3 engines

In the process of converting a rails 2.3.* plugin to a rails 3 gem, i bumped into the problem of converting the migrations too. There was some documentation in the rails-guides, but it did not quite do what i wanted. I also found out that in the next version of rails (3.1) there will be […]

coderetreat with Corey Haines

After RubyAndRails 2010 there was a coderetreat, and i had read two blog posts about it, and got really interested. So when i learned that coderetreat was coming to Belgium, i subscribed. Coderetreat as a concept was conceived by Corey Haines and a few friends, as a single full-day retreat doing nothing but practicing code […]

Arrrrcamp 29/10/2010

The fourth and most international of all arrrrcamp editions. Also the first paying edition. As i said in my post about the previous edition, i have been to all editions, and it is awesome to see how it has grown. The schedule was amazing, with an amazing array of international speakers, of which for me […]

rails 2 and 3 simultaneously: gemsets to the rescue

I am developing several rails projects. Some are still rails 2.3.9, and some are rails3. But using those at the same time, on the same machine can cause some trouble. I use bundles for all my projects, so the gem dependencies are managed. But still, somehow, when running my tests, i get into trouble. If […]

in-place-editing in rails3

On-the-spot is a Rails3 compliant unobtrusive javascript in-place-editing plugin, using jEditable. As this jEditable depends on jQuery, you have to install that first. How to setup a fresh rails3 site with jquery is explained in this post. In short it is easy: Run the installation task: Installation Inside your Gemfile add the following: Run the […]

getting rcov working with rspec 2.0.0.rc

I had troubles to get rcov working with the latest rspec2 release (since beta23 and now 2.0.0.rc). I got the same error every time: But luckily, somebody found the problem and it is extremely easy to fix. Just add -Ispec to your rcov task. The rake spec:rcov does not work for me (as it needs […]

ie8 css can't find my id

I was having this weird problem in IE8. My page was rendered correctly in Chrome and Firefox, but not in IE8. This was a bit weird, as it was pretty standard stuff, i had some form-styling, something like this: Seems pretty obvious. Why didn’t it work? After a long search, trying stuff out, trying to […]

rails3 doing cross-browser json

I have two rails applications that communicate together. In the first application i have the following method in my controller: which, if go to the url in my browser, nicely shows my the JSON. Seems ok. However, if i call this through jQuery, from my second application, using the following: then the right url is […]

rspec2 using watchr instead of autotest

I was having troubles with autotest, and not really finding a good solution. But i noticed that inside rspec2 they were using watchr. Watchr is a very generic gem that will allow you to watch a set of files and take action when something changes. That sounds great, but maybe a bit too general :) […]

authlogic on rails3

If you want to get authlogic working in a fresh rails 3 project, it will take a bit more steps than devise. This has everything to do with vision: authlogic only claims to deliver you the backend, allowing itself to remain more stable and to easily replace other authentication libraries (even your home-brewn). That seems […]